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Camotes Island – The Famous Unspoiled Natural Beauty

Experience an island of white sand beaches, Camotes Island – The Famous Unspoiled Natural Beautylimestone rock formations, caves, waterfalls and a river that empties into the 700-hectare Lake Danao. Get a thrill with undiscovered treasures of Tulang Islet's underwater marine life. Take a boat ride from Danao City and discover Camotes - a mix of adventure, history, old houses, charming coastal villages, and a vibrant economy fueled by an industrious people.

The Camotes Islands are a group of four islands that form part of the province of Cebu, in the Philippines. The island group is located east of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island.

The Camotes is composed of the following five islands and municipalities:

* Poro: the municipalities of Poro
* Tudela.
* Pacijan: the sole municipality of San Francisco.
* Ponson: the sole municipality of Pilar.
* Tulang: part of the barangay of Esperanza, which is part of San Francisco.

The islands of Pacijan and Poro are connected by a paved road. Ponson is separated by the Camotes sea, lying about four kilometers northeast of Poro. Tulang is located off the northern tip of Pacijan.

The Camotes are low-lying islands. There is only one hill on Pacijan and another hill on Poro. These hills are used by a telecommunications company for relay stations. Pacijan has a fresh-water lake around two kilometers in length. Palm trees are the dominant plant on the islands. There are also numerous native varieties of fruit trees and other plants.

A number of tourist resorts have been established, catering to both domestic and international visitors. These include Santiago Bay Garden & Resort, Mangodlong Rock Resort and Greenlake Park.

Camotes is famous for its unspoiled natural beauty, rich culture and heritage, hospitality, and smiling faces, Camotes is regarded by many as the island of enchantment. Camotes island is a two hour boat ride from Cebu City. After arriving at the port of Poro in the island, you can hire motorcycles (called habal-habal) and multi-cabs or you can request the resort van to pick you up. Defined by its spectacular white sand beaches, Camotes island is spiced with the beauty of nature. You can sink your toes into the soft warm sand, lie back and relax under the blue skies and start to savour the special way of life that only Camotes island has to offer you. There are a number of resorts in camotes that gives excellent accomodation at a reasonable price. You can enjoy, chill and relax in their uncrowded resorts. The beauty and tranquility of Camotes island will surely guarantee a great weekend.

Aside from lounging on the natural sands for warm sunshine, or unwind beneath an umbrella as cool breeze caress you, you can also explore the caves of Camotes island which were used as shelters from the Japanese during WWII. It is also rumored that until today, people are still searching for hidden treasures in these caves which were kept during WWII.

If you're looking for more adventure, you can also visit Camotes' Mangodlong rock resort and experience a breathtaking cliff diving session with your friends. With jumps varying between 30 and 50 feet and numerous shadows lurking beneath the water’s surface, Mangodlong's cliffs are both treacherous and ironically very beautiful.

Lake Danao is also another spot that you can visit. This guitar-shape lake, is known to be the largest in Visayas and Mindanao.The total size of the lake is 680 hectares. They have developed a lake park where you can go on picnic, fishing and boating. A paddle boat is available for you to go around the lake. You can also use the boat in going across a small island at the center of the lake.via

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Camotes Island – The Famous Unspoiled Natural BeautyCamotes Island – The Famous Unspoiled Natural Beauty
Camotes Island – The Famous Unspoiled Natural BeautySantiago Bay Resort at Camotes Island – The Famous Unspoiled Natural Beauty


  1. One thing I like about the island is its tranquility, it can sometimes be crowded but most of the time it is calm and laid-back. A perfect place to catch some much needed R&R or some bonding time with the family, this has been and will always be my first choice of island destinations for a vacation.

  2. Are there guesthouses or cheap places to stay on Camotes Island because I'm coming on March 2011
    for 2months so can't stay 2months in expensive resorts then I'm bankrupt...
    Don't need aircon just a clean/safe place to stay with shower close to a white sand beach
    good for snorkeling and will eat at local eateries.
    Send all practical information(places to stay,nice white sand beaches) to my e-mail: